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Thread: Help on updating my wii to play Skyward Sword? (:

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    Smile Help on updating my wii to play Skyward Sword? (:

    Well this is my first post on wiihacks...

    I was just wondering... I got Skyward Sword last week and haven't been able to play it due to the it needing an update on my softmodded 4.3 wii! (:

    So basically I'm asking you friendly people, or is there any way around this disc update, or if I do update, will it brick my wii...

    To be honest if all it'll do is remove my softmod, I don't really mind!

    I don't use it too often! (:

    Hopefully someone can help me! (:

    Also: I am quite the noob at this so if you want any information on my wii, please tell me how I can retrieve such information if you don't mind! (:
    Thanks in advance! (:

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    Priiloader is what you need to block the update. There is a guide on this site for that game too. Searching will do wonders.

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