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Thread: Issue updating/updated with skyward sword

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    Issue updating/updated with skyward sword

    So I hacked my wii a long time ago to play brawl +. It worked fine and all, and unfortunately I don't remember the whole history of how i updated through what. But my current situation is that someone borrowed my wii to play skyward sword, and there was a disc update. He foolishly did the update but I noticed and now the homebrew channel is gone. The update caused no problems (well I could still put in and play resident evil), but now the homebrew channel is gone. However, there is another update with a warning to not update if you hacked the wii. At this point I don't know if this update is safe or not. I could reinstall homebrew, but I don't have much need for it anymore and so if I don't have to I would rather just play this game.

    My basic question is this:
    Is the update safe (if it is this would be the easiest solution)
    Then if it's not, then what is the fastest way to be able to play skyward sword on my wii.

    Also my wii's version according to the system menu is 4.3(U)

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    Same thing just happen to me dot by dot

    did you get this problem fix

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    You effectively killed your softmod. Re-softmod it using the softmod any wii guide in my signature. Follow the whole thing step by step.


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