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Thread: USB Loader GX stopped seeing my HD Partition

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    Exclamation USB Loader GX stopped seeing my HD Partition

    Hello, i'm very new to the wii world - so i'll try to explain my problem as clearly as possible.

    I have a Wii 4.3U softmodded running games with the latest USB Loader GX. Untill yesterday, i was running the games well - never had a problem with my HD partition. Then i finished downloading some games and copyed it to my HD and when i connected it back to my Wii i got a message that the USB Loader GX can't see any WBFS or NTFS/FAT32 partition on the HD - on the same screen there are 3 buttons "Select" (wich show me the HD but doesn't load any file after i select it), "Format" (wich i didn't dare to select because i don't have a backup of my games) and "Return" (wich returns to the wii menu).

    Yes i have tried a lot of alternatives:

    - Turning the Wii OFF/ON
    - Reseting the Wii
    - Reconnecting the HD on the 1st USB port on my Wii (Because it has never worked on the second one)
    - Checked it on My PC, even opened it on WiiBackupManager and shows that everything is fine - or at least doesn't show any error message.

    So right now after i tried searching for someone with the same problem (couldn't find yet), i'm trying to run a checkdisk hoping it works.

    My HD is a 500GB USB 2.0 Samsung 2.5" External Drive - i don't think he has any problems, because it works fine on my PC and it was working fine previously.

    Thx already for the attention and time. Peace.

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    Sorry r2, WiiHacks does not support piracy. Read the Forum Rules.

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    I Forgott to mention, when the error first appeared i had around 96 Games on my HD. I deleted a few that i don't really like because i read a thread where someone said that there might be a Size Limit for recognizing games on the HD - but as you already guessed it didn't work..


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