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Thread: System Menu Freezes Constantly

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    System Menu Freezes Constantly

    I have a relatives wii that freezes anywhere between 1-10 seconds into the system menu.
    To try and fix the issue, I was fast enough to run a bannerbomb and softmod the machine.

    Now I have bootmii, priiloader, and the homebrew channel running fine. I have tried to install 4.1U, 4.2U, 4.3U system menusbut they still continually freeze anywhere from 1-10 seconds into the menu.

    I have tried the diagnostics mode by pressing -/+ during the health screen which sometimes allows me an extra 5 seconds but still freezes.

    I am curious if I have some wii settings that are causing the issue? I wish I could reset to factory defaults... but I am unable to get that far into the menu. I'm not sure what else to try... anyone have any ideas?


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    I have exactly same situation. I can't seem to find any information. =/


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