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Thread: A few questions

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    A few questions

    Well I think I want to install homebrew on my wii. First of all, will a 32 mb SD card work for the twilight hack, or do I need to buy a 2g? Im trying to be cheap, I got the SD card from my camera :P

    Once I get the twilight hack and install the homebrew channel, I wanted to mainly use Ocarina to hack Mario kart wii online. About the "press ??? for item" code, what exactly would I press for each item?

    I think thats all, thanks for help.

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    32 is fine, but youre VERY limited on wads
    asking for online codes IS banable =P

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    oh it is? Sorry, im new to this
    Thanks for the help.

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    rule 8 if i recall, its bannable, ESP now since were starting a MK tourny, and i dont want people getting idea's we dont support or believe in people hacking online so all info about it or for the advancement of it, will be banned


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