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Thread: SD Card Save Issue

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    SD Card Save Issue

    I'm looking for help with my SD card save issue. I currently have a 4.1U Wii running perfect with one big exception saving to the SD card. I have used this site for the past two years to learn many things and thanks to all who have contributed. This is my first issue that I can't seem to fix based on past posts so I'm calling upon this site for help.

    I have a SDHC 4gb in the SD slot. Every time a game starts and asks where I want to save it and I pick SD it gives me an error message stating "The Device Inserted In The SD Card Slot Cannot Be Used".

    The other part of the problem is when I go into Wii--Data Mgt--Save Data-Wii-- I have to constantly go and move game files from Wii to SD Card to free up blocks on the Wii. This works but the problem is not every game save file will move or copy to the SD card. So slowly but surely the Wii data side is shrinking to zero. Now I want to download more music for Rock Band games and it wont let me because I don't have enough blocks left.

    Also if I go into SD Card Memory it shows as loading and then freezes. When it freezes I must restart the Wii to continue. I can go into the SD card through save data--Wii no problem. I left it like this for two years because it didn't stop me from doing anything. Now I want to fix it. I don't believe Nintendo would have put a SD card slot in the Wii game if it couldn't be used.

    I believe there is something small I'm over looking. I have been working on this for three days and now I need help. I hope I have given enough info to understand the issue. Thanks for your help in advance.

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    I also tried using a 2gb SD card with the same results.

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    Try back up the contents of your SD card (onto your computer) then format your card with SDformater V2.0 then put back on all your things. If this doesn't work then come back and I'll try help more.

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    Thanks for a quick response. I have backed everything up on my PC and reformatted both SD cards mentioned Fat32 long format before posting. I haven't used SD Formater but I have formatted both cards.

    To update where I'm at I took everything off my SD Card except for apps and put it back in my Wii and I can go into SD memory with no freezes. But when I download covers or when games start to save files then if I go into SD Memory it starts to load then freezes unless I go through Data Mgt path as described in my earlier post.

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    Answered my own question. I did not realize that not all game save files couldn't be moved to the SD card. I thought something defective was going on. After doing some more research I have found all games with Wi-Fi connectivity abilities and a few others cannot be moved to the SD card. This seems really stupid on the part of Nintendo. They should at least give consumers a way to upgrade the Wii's internal memory capacity for people who do a lot of these type of games.

    I am wondering about SaveGame Mgr GX. Is this a work around to be able to save games to the SD card that otherwise you can"t?


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