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Thread: Need HELP! KOR 2008 Wii - 4.3 USA 003

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    Need HELP! KOR 2008 Wii - 4.3 USA 003

    Wii Detail:
    Model No: RVL-001(KOR)
    CopyRight: 2008
    DVD Controller: GC2-D3
    Mod-Chip: Wiikey Fushion.

    I went to recovery mode by game controller and it shows 4.3 USA.
    i download ssbb-pal.iso and used bootme.exe to autoboot and burned it to D9 DVD.

    The thing is when i turn my wii on.
    It can't start the dvd-drive, i cant even put the dvd into it.
    when i switch the wii on, i saw the blue-light behind the dvd-drive flash a bit, and then stoped.
    it didnt show or load anything even i pressed eject, no any sound at all.
    when i switch wii on, it shows 003 error, and that's all.

    i upload one video pls see
    no disk with wiikey fushion (wii can't load the disk into it)

    disk with wiikey funshion (bcoz wii cant load it, so i just put it in manually)

    i tested it,it happens bcoz of the mod-chip(wiikey fushion), when i remove the mod-chip, it loads disk and eject disk without problem.
    no matter i add/remove mod-chip, it all shows 003 error when i switch my wii on.

    do you think the dvd-drive can read this dvd-9 i burned?
    the dvd controller is GC2-D3,does no driver chip mean it doesnt have the capacity to load burned dvd?

    if so, how can i know which wii dvd-drive can function in this case?
    i have 4-5 friends they have wii, i can borrow their wii, and use their dvd-driver to repair my one.
    but i need to know which one should i borrow? how can i know?
    Put the cloned dvd in their wii and see if it can play the game or?

    OK, first thing is first,
    is there anything wrong with my wiikey fushion? bcoz even it cant read my disk, but it should at least load the disk into wii, right?


    any advice?
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    i figured out why it didn't eat any disk at the beginning.

    How I Do:
    1. Power off WII.
    2. Put a Legal Wii Disk ( I got a wii sports when I purchased wii)
    3. Power On WII.

    Now it should loads the disk and eject button is back to work.
    If you put a burned DVD into it, it loads in DVD at first time, but it cant read and stops to work, still the same even reboot wii. Eject button stops to function as well.
    You have to Power Off, take burned dvd out manually and put a legal dvd into it and power on.

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    im still downloading Mario Kart PAL now. It will take 5 hrs to finish.
    I have got game controller, ssbb-pal.iso, wiikey fusion, sd cards,
    waiting for the Mario Kart now.

    my wii model is kor, and the current region is 4.3 usa.
    what should i set up on the wiikey fusion chip?
    set it to kor(1,2off) or usa(1off 2on) or the region i want to have on wii?

    Ref: Guide: How to Install Your WiiKey Fusion

    and can anyone confirm with me if my dvd-driver can read burned dvd after i download the mario kart and use the mario kart pwns method mauifrog introduced.


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