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Thread: Think my disc drive is broke in the Wii

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    Think my disc drive is broke in the Wii

    Suddenly my Wii stops playing games, won't even read them. It makes a strange noise for a while then just says disc error. I recorded the sound it makes, and uploaded here:
    video 2011 11 18 23 34 59 - YouTube
    Tried taking it apart and seeing if anything was getting stuck etc but all seems ok. It's got a drivekey installed, tried removing that and using as original but to no avail.

    Anyone any ideas? Please don't say it needs a new drive!


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    I'm not pro on the hardware side but mine's once had a similar issue in a different way. I ended up swapping the drive with a spare I had. Maybe try opening your Wii and checking it out?

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    I did open the Wii but couldn't see anything a miss. The disc stills spins etc. I can't pin down exactly what is making the noise (ie, the spindle, laser mechanism etc).


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