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Thread: Wii Fit Problem

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    Wii Fit Problem

    I have NTSC 3.4 Wii with a Wiikey1 with a 1.9s update. Smash Bros. is running fine, but my Fii Wit isn't working. I live in Spain, so both my SSB and WiiFit are PAL.

    Help, please?

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    Thank you for your prompt response, though I've read all that, I thought there would be a simpler way.

    An NTSC WiiFit should work fine, right? Because I'm going to the US soon, maybe i'll just pick a new one there.

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    it wont change =P

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    Why? I'm blown over my shoes... Why won't a NTSC WiiFit work on my NTSC Wii?

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    its usually fixed with Cios 37, or randomly by gecko OS, other than that theres no real logic to it =P even the real ones dont work 100% of the time xD

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    Ok... So I've been doing my reading of the cISO37, I've downloaded it but can't acces the wad file because the dol and the elf files on the zip can't be opened with my mac. Suggestions? Maybe there's a file with the .wad file directly?

    So, I just copy these files to an SD card and run the installer? is it that simple?

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    u dont open the wad or elf

    just go

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    I'm sorry for being such a burden, but I don't seem to follow. The README says to copy the .wad file, I see a .dol and an .elf file. There's no apps/geckoOS/boot.dol
    What I have done to solve this is getting the .wad from RapidShare.
    I don't need any other files or hacks, do I? No downgrading?

    I'm so very sorry for all of this, i'm a n00b who wants to get on the balance board.

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    there is no wad for gecko OS
    and you might as i said many times its a fickle game

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