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Thread: Random "System files are damaged..." screen after IOS update.

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    Random "System files are damaged..." screen after IOS update.


    I have a US 4.2u and I followed mauifrog guide a year ago, no problems at all.

    Today I was installing d2x wads to update to d2x IOS. Basically I was dealing with new Zelda game going to MMM through Bootmii several times.
    Finally, after installing one IOS56 from some specific tutorial to this game, I was able to play it. But when I was returning from Wiiflow to system menu, and removed the SD at same time and then I received black screen with that message "System files are damaged...". I turn it off and tried to turn on it and it did well with the SD inserted.
    So I turn off/on again but now without SD and got same bad message.
    Back again to turn off/on with SD and it started ok. Then I went to Wiiflow and again, when returning to Wii screen I got the bad message, this time I didn't touch SD.
    Again, turn it off/on without SD, same bad message.
    Removal of SD and turn it off/on and it started ok! Then I went to homebrew channel, I did nothing there and returned to Wii screen with the same message (bad system files), no SD inserted.
    Then I inserted again SD and started ok. I tried again Wiiflow and homebrew and everything was ok, no problems.
    After some minutes I turn off/on again without SD and started ok and this is the actual situation right now. But my concern is what is happening, and review if this is a latent problem because maybe it would happen again, maybe sadly with no comeback

    I have the impression that the SD is corrupted, but if that is true, why I receive the bad message when the SD was not inserted?
    Btw and just as reference, bootmii was corrupted before this. Maybe when I was trying different IOS, so I had to reinstall bootmii folder from my original backup to the SD.
    Also, to complete this information, I didn't format the SD in this time. I don't know if this affect when installing wad and entering bootmi so many times.

    I will appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance

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    You could run through maui's guide again from chapter 2 on, this time making sure you downgrade to 4.1 using his files. This will give you all the d2x cios as well as a fresh system menu installation. Make sure prior to starting his guide you backup your sd/apps/wiiflow folder, your sd/wiiflow folder, and any other apps you want to keep.


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