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Thread: please help me with usb loader gx! or wii flow

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    please help me with usb loader gx! or wii flow

    ok heres the scoop

    i got the homebrew on my wii,
    followed all the necessary steps to install usb loader gx,
    downloaded wsbf manager, followed all steps to format mt usb hdd and mount an iso file to it,

    now heres where the problem comes in, when i launch usb loader, it opens,, i hit start then nothing. i sit and wait for 15 mins nada, its stuck on the loading screen, and the only way to regain controll of my wii is by holding the power button till it shuts off. ive tried this 5 times now and no luck, can someone pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help me? id greatly appreciate it!

    ps im on 4.3u,

    ive also tried wii flow, i follow all the steps to install it and when i launch the program, i get the wii flow logo, with the loading bar underneath it. (side scrolling dots under wiiflow logo) and that also goes no further. i figures this would be an easy mod and its turning out to bea pain in the bum bum, please please please help

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    Hopefully you followed the guides you got in the response to your intro post. That will get you sorted.

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    The staff here is excellent, give them a break and share some more info about what your setup is.

    1. Is your harddrive on the USB Compatibility List?
    2. Is it plugged into the correct usb slot on the Wii?
    3. Is the ext HD powered on?
    4. What type of mod did you follow? Hardmod? Softmod? What mod thread did you use? Did you COMPLETELY follow ALL steps in the mod?

    Simple questions, simple answers.


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