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Thread: Error #002 when loading a game

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    Error #002 when loading a game

    Hi, so I bought a wii already able to play back ups. There's 100's with it .... since I got it I've burnt one myself through PowerISO and it worked fine. This morning I've burnt another ISO game onto disk and I'm getting Error #002. Whilst reading on the internet I've noticed it makes a big difference how your wii is playing the games, like is it soft modded etc how do I find this out and could someone tell me how to get past the error 002?

    Also the homebrew channel wont work it just comes up with a black screen and freezes there. I have a SD card here, maybe if I took a screen shot of the files on that it would help? Thanks in advance guys.

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    Now I've just done another game and it's coming up that it need's to update the wii, what should I do?

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    Just use neogamma with 002 fix

    and for the other game , use "Softmod any wii" guide to update your wii

    ~ Wii 4.3 Letterbomb softmodded ~
    ~CFG latest with 9 original games~

    Thanks to for the help

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    Quote Originally Posted by fr0agi540 View Post
    Just use neogamma with 002 fix

    and for the other game , use "Softmod any wii" guide to update your wii
    This might sound really thick but:
    1) Where do I get neogamma?
    2) When I've downloaded it what do I do with it? Is it a exe file I run my iso through?

    Sorry, I'm a total noob.

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    NeoGamma is a small app that sits in the apps folder on your sdcard that is plugged into the sdcard slot on the wii and allows you to play backup games, i would also say grab NeoGamma IOS Switcher search will help you locate this and NeoGamma on this forum. NeoGamma IOS Switcher will allow you to easly switch iso for the latest games. theres also a thread on this forum that will tell you what games require what iso to run. search is great why not try it out.

    follow the softmod any wii guide carefully as fr0agi540 said and you will be up and running in now time.


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    Thanks guys after following the softmod guide I managed to get one of the games working but I'm still getting the 002 error. I'll do some searching as you guys suggested, thanks.

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    Don't panic, it's easily fixed!

    Dude, I don't know what loader you're using but usually, upon selecting the game, you have the load game option and settings.

    Now, got to SETTINGS and apply the 002 FIX. SAVE. EXIT. Play game.

    Sometimes games only produce a BLACK SCREEN and you have to do a hard reset. To beat this, simply go: SETTINGS>DEFAULT SETTINGS>SAVE and then PLAY (9/10 times this works, otherwise it's an NTSC/PAL patch required of something more sophisticated (i.e. Modern Warfare 3) in which case you should refer to the experts' guides on this site).

    Play safe!

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    I've now fixed the 002 error but I'm still getting "Wii needs to update to play this game" ?? I downloaded the IOS updater (From the softmod wii guide) and installed. For some reason it's still coming up! Any suggestions guys?

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    Completely fixed now !! Thank you so much guys.


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