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Thread: Hopping on 3G

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    Hopping on 3G

    JBd iPod touch, 2nd gen... So no 3G connectivity. I remember reading about a JB app which tricks the iPod into jumping onto nearby 3G as a wifi connection, regardless of the 3G device's permission. Spent some time looking for it tonight, but can't remember enough about the wording to have any searches come up with anything.

    Anyone out there know about this one, or am I remembering incorrectly?

    PDANet and MyWi work for JBd phones or phones. Guess I had it wrong...
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    Those two apps are for something else entirely.

    They allow for "tethering". This is where the iPhone picks up an Internet connection and transmits it to other devices. So an iPhone can pick up its 3G signal and transmit it to an iPod touch, which will then recognize it and connect to it.

    In other words, the iPhone becomes a wifi hotspot.

    So no, an iPod touch cannot connect directly to a 3G network unless an iPhone is involved. Even then, any usage would count towards the iPhone user's quota.

    Hope this helped!


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