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Thread: iso games ?

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    iso games ?

    Sorry, I have missed this...
    I am playing WBFS games, but what do I need to play ISO once?

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    right, so, on my soft modded Wii I can play games with .wbfs extesion (file extention).
    yesterday I got back-up game with .iso extention and couldn't it unpack so I think if there is a possibility to play such files with .iso extention?

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    Be careful the ice is thin around these kind of questions, Why would you want ISO, When you can use smaller wbfs files, When you Rip YOUR ORIGINALS they are in wbfs file extension. Then you can convert to ISO if you like for Disc burning. But Why would you if you have USB loading ????????

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    Tanks Grandpa now I know that I was wrong converting my rip to iso.

    sorry, another problem. I have converted iso file to wbfs with wbfs_file_2.9, copied it to my external HD (where my playable games are). Connected it to my Wii. The problem is this particular game wasn't displayed in the list of others games.
    Is it enough just copy a wbfs file to an HD or do I have to do anything else with it to be recognizable?
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    Thanks for you help. Works perfectly, everything is just great!


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