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Thread: Help with Modern Warfare 3

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    Help with Modern Warfare 3

    Hi ive been trying to get this game to work and i used the method from narse i did everything correctly and when installing the ios in MMM when i get to cios250 it always says missing 1 file or 1 file did not load. I also tryed another version where there is an cios251 also and same thing it says 1 file not loading. Can someone please help here as im trying to figure this out. I know i did this right when loading but maybe im missing something. It doesn't even load the game in cios250 or 251, but when i go to cios249 or lower it at least loads the game but gets stuck at the loading screen but never loads the game. Im using the new usb loader gx.

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    Notice how that guide had a thread following it, in which ppl asked questions?
    Maybe you could do that?

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