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Thread: SYSTEM UPDATE via iso...??

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    Exclamation SYSTEM UPDATE via iso...??

    ok, i'm a noob on all things Wii, sorry for what i'm going to ask...

    i'm running FW v3.1E so i'm in luck i guess...
    i have the HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed with backup launcher which works a treat on my back'd up discs...
    the only way i can update the system is via bought discs as i don't have WiFi access...

    the question i am asking is this...

    will the Wii update itself from an iso image burnt to disc and loaded via "the homebrew channel" b/launcher...??

    after reading the upgrade/downgrade guide, use STARFALL to sort that problem out...
    cheers to ALL for the guides and help... but more importantly those who have taken their time to write the programs to make everything possible
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