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Thread: can i have a two saves(same game different regions)

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    can i have a two saves(same game different regions)

    im not a noob to wii hacking or anything just asking a quick question basicially is it ok to have multiple saves of the same game but from different region for e.g i have sengoku basara samurai heroes (NTSCUS) and i wanna play the japanese version I was wondering if I can have a jap save while the american save on my wii?

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    I would guess so as I have different game save on my Pal unit. Black ops Pal. Black ops ntsc/usa. Whichever disc you load it opens the relevant game save.

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    I would agree with the user above even though I've never done it. Game backups and game saves have a code name for the game with the letters either E (europe) or U (North america) in them. the saves would have different names

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    k guys thanks for clearing that up much appreciate +rep


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