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Thread: USB Loader setting problem

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    USB Loader setting problem


    I don't know what I did it to my wii usb loader setting somehow I can't see anymore my attached hard drive Is that any way I can do reset my system so I can go back to all normal please let me kknow that what I need to change in system setting

    Thanks in advance

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    Errrr, how in the hell can anybody help u with such little info???

    What usb loader might be a good start and what settings u were trying to change don't u think

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    Here I think I made mistate I was unable to play installed wii resort game and I read intructiion from online and followed it may be thats why I loose my hard drive please see I only did upto alternate DOL, select a DOL press yes,

    Im using USB LOADER GX and WORKS PERFECTLY, heres how to do it. Open the usb loader on the wii, select wii sports resort, settings, game load then select alternate DOL, select a DOL press yes, It will say AUTO then some numbers, click save, back, select to play the game. You then have to watch the 3 minute video (no way of skipping it) it will automatically reset the wii when its finished. Go back to the usb loader, select the game again, settings, game load, then on the Alternate Dol select DEFAULT, save, back, then select the game to play and thats it!! You have to have a wii motion plus to play wii sports resort

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    when I turn on it say need to hard drive format but my games are on hard drive should I do format hard drive? Please let me know


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