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Thread: Wii intermittently recognizes USB powered external HDD

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    Wii intermittently recognizes USB powered external HDD

    So I ran out of space on my HDD and purchased a new one that is physically smaller and USB powered. It's the Seagate Freeagent GoFlex 1TB. I'm now having intermittent problems with it seeing the HDD. Actually, it probably only work 30% of the time. I've tried reconfiging the USB HDD in the options but it doesn't ever help. I also just bought the same HDD for my brother's Wii and same problem with his. Any suggestions? Seems I have to completely reboot the system fresh each time and then it will work. Thanks

    PS, I'm using ver 70 Configurable USB Loader.
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    I had that same external HDD for my ps3 for backups. Mine started clicking and eventually died. I did crack it open and put the drive in my pc. Long story short: use a different drive imo.

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    Google seagate manager. I have recently helped a friend seagate software is set as default sleep mode 15 mins, install seagate manager plug in your drive and change the settings.


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