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Thread: cios & ios downgrade problems

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    cios & ios downgrade problems

    hey all after installing the homebrew channel on my wii when i goto install the cios and ios downgrader its goes to a black screen and at the top says failed and error 216 im not sure if i have to be connected to the internet while doing this process if anyone can clarify that point,another point is do i need to install the cios and ios dowgrader to play copied games???i have version 3.4E BTW and installed wad manager with no probs as you can probably tell im a complete newbie to this process any help would be appreciated

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    happened to me with my bud's 3.4u wii ios downgrader gets a black screen. I cant find a workaround for this anywhere. The serial starts with lu64 , i've heard of problems with these newer wiis

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    I had the same problem upgrading from 3.1U to 3.2U. I got the black screen for a few seconds then my Wii restarted. I went to Gamestop and bought a usb LAN adapter so I could connect my Wii to my router, then all worked fine. Before I connected it I went in my setting and made sure that it wouldn't connect to WiiConnect24 because i didn't want the 4.0 update.


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