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Thread: Completley lost! Brand new on 4.3U. Unsure how to be safe during installation.

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    Exclamation Completley lost! Brand new on 4.3U. Unsure how to be safe during installation.

    Hi, to start, my apologies for the vague thread title

    I ordered a new Wii this morning from Best Buy in a nice deal--black version with Mario Bros + Music CD for only 99.99!

    Now I've already assumed that it's going to arrive with the 4.3 software installed, and it'll most likely be the newer models where you must install BootMii into IOS.

    I plan to install Homebrew using Letterbomb, with these instructions:

    1. On Computer: Rename "private" folder to "privateold" on your SD card.
    2. On Computer: Copy the "private" directory from the LetterBomb download to the root of your SD card.
    3. On Computer: Take your homebrew (Preferably Hackmii Installer) and put it in the ROOT of your SD card as "boot.elf" Note that you can download the Hackmii Installer directly from the download link provided above.
    4. Wii: Put your SD card in your Wii and turn it on.
    5. Wii: Go into the Wii Messageboard and navigate to "Today", "Yesterday" or "Two days ago".
    6. Wii: Click on the appropriate envelope, sit back and prepare for the hacking glory.
    And now I'm assuming I'll have to go through IOS installation since it's a pretty new Wii; doing these steps

    run BootMii by going into The HBC and hit the "Home" button on your Wii Remote. Place your cursor onto the "Launch BootMii" selection and press A

    1) I heard IOS is risky but I can't use boot2 cause the Wii is new. Is there another way to stay secure?
    2) How do I block the Wii from Automated Update, other then turning of NintendoConnect in settings?

    Finally, my main question concerns backups.
    I want to be able to have a bunch of Wii ISO backups of games on a USB HDD and be able to have my Wii launch them.

    I believe I have to use cIOS and everything.

    If someone could point me in the right direction, or just advise me in anyway please, that would be great Thank you very much!

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