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Thread: can't add resaved .png files (image covers) to uloader??

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    can't add resaved .png files (image covers) to uloader??

    hey guys,

    I found a large zip file online with a bunch of .png covers and i can put them on my sd card and add it to the game in uloader just fine.

    however, if i took an image online, re-saved it so it's a png file, make sure the size is small like 160x225px or something, but it will NOT be recognized when i try to add it in uloader

    what's the deal? what do I need to do?

    do i need to do something special to the image to get it to show up? thanks.
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    what i mean is, when i go add the cover, it shows up as blank. the other covers that i got in the zip file called "472_NTSC_Covers_160x225_Kosaic" works just fine.


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