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Thread: Pink bar across the bottom of the screen

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    Question Pink bar across the bottom of the screen


    I've just softmodded my wii using the very helpful guide on this site, I've had no issues using my wii other than one; when I play Kirby's Return to Dreamland I get a horrible pink bar across the bottom of my screen constantly - the game is still playable but I was hoping you could suggest a fix. The game is a NTSC U game and my console is PAL so are there settings I need to change in CFG Usbloader to get it running smoothly?

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    Force the region to PAL in your usb loader settings.

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    I have tried to force to both PAL50 and PAL60 but I still get the pink bar.

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    Have you fixed this, I too am getting the same on kirby.

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    Got it working by updating cfg USB loader to latest version 70 I think, setting language as default, setting vidtv to on and using iOS 250.

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    Thanks i am using iOS 249


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