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Thread: Wiimote Playing Half Life / Need For Speed on PC

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    Wiimote Playing Half Life / Need For Speed on PC

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    I already posted the HL2 video but nice find with the NFS. Looks like how you play ExciteTruck.

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    Oh man, those videos are almost orgasmic. I wonder when they'll get the nunchuk to work too? I'm sure it'll make first person shooters much easier to play.
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    The way they set up the controls for NFS looks quite spot on. I guess we dont' really need a racing wheel for this system :P

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    well i think half life 2 will run great if he move the sensitivities higher

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    dude i rememeber when i first saw the news of this i was so happy, i so wanna try
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    That is pretty sweet. More reasons to get a Wii.


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