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Thread: Long sigh...

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    Long sigh...

    I recently had my question moved to a different forum. I must say that I very well aware of the rules on this site. I did use the advance search to find an answer to my question and still got nothing. I searched all over. My game has been on pause ever since I asked my recent question waiting on an answer in the thread that it was moved to. it's been 25 minutes and no one has answered the question for me. I am in no way trying to come across ungrateful to this site, but somethings do frustrate me. I'm 1000% sure that the time it took to move my question to another forum topic, than to actually answer it would have been 1/2 the time. And now that my question is in that forum, it has now been 25 minutes and still no answer. To the Admin that moved my question, can you please please please please just answer it. I'm on pause right now still waiting. I WOULD SO SO SO SO APPRECIATE IT. Yes I know newbees are fun to make fun of but please help me out thanks again.

    Lastly, for future advice, what's the best and fastest way to get a question answered here if the answer was never posted in the appropriate thread?

    thanks to all.

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    So you start another thread???

    Thought this kind of thing would have been included in your MW3 instruction booklet...



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