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Thread: To buy or build, that is the question.

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    To buy or build, that is the question.

    Hey guys, my name is John and I'm a complete newb. I'm planning to buy a Wii for my brother and a modded Wii is a no-brainer. I found some Wii modders locally but I'm not sure it's worth the price to pay them to do a soft mod. It's like $180 for him to install a 1TB HD and over 700 Wii and thousands of older titles, plus the cost of a Wii. I might be able to find a better deal here. I want to be able to load from HD and play older SNES or N64 titles so it seems to me that I have to either softmod or softmod+hardmod don't know the which one would be best for my use yet. Anyway, I'm just not sure I have the skills to risk doing the mods myself. As far as skill level, I think I could easily build a PC and instal Windows. Softmodding don't seem too complicated but unlike a computer build, there is the risk of bricking.

    A few questions, if I'm allowed to ask them here.

    If I follow Mauifrog's (or Shadowsonic's?) tutorial THEN do the Fat32 HD mod THEN instal emulators an I'm set? I'll be able to backup my games and load them from the HD, play older games, have HomeBrew Channel, be safe from updates and be able to play online? Will any HD work with the Wii and should I look for high RPM? What type of connection does the HD have to the Wii? Those pirate criminals just DL ISOs and install them in a certain folder on the HD, along with box art, don't they? So that's what I would do with my legal backups of games I already have, rip the ISO and DL box art?

    Even if I bought an already modded Wii, wouldn't I still have to know the basics and do some maintenance? What does maintenance consist of and how often is it required?

    Sorry for the 21 questions, thanks for the forum!
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    Hi John..

    I would use the Soft Mod Any Wii Guide. Doing it yourself will give you a understanding of what has been installed on to your Wii.
    You can either go with a Fat32 or NTFS formatted HDD. We have guides for both.
    All I can suggest is read read read.

    The deal you are getting off the modder sounds he is making his money by selling on backup games which is classed as PIRACY!! Which we do not except here at WiiHacks..

    The Mod Any Wii Guide also install Priiloader which blocks online and disc updates.

    You can use a usb loader to backup your games to the hdd.

    The box art your usb loader will also download.
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    $180 bucks for him to give you that many games...of which a lot of them aren't worth it seems like a rip off to can get a hd for much cheaper..and 1tb really is a bit overkill since I doubt it'll ever be least with stuff you actually like. Personally speaking though, In your position I would just read up on the guides here and do it yourself (maybe get your brother involved and let it be like a bonding moment between you two lol). It takes a bit of reading to understand the terminology but it really is quite simple to do. The guides do give you everything you need to make it work right without as much of a risk to brick your system. The only thing is that you just have to know what about the wii you have to pick the right guide.

    In terms of maintenance...since it's really late into the wii's life span, I doubt there will be that many future updates so only minor things will probably need to get updated...and even then it's probably just gonna be on a game by game basis (which there will more then likely always be a guide for those pesky games that need specific tweeks). But again, you would understand it more and be able to do your own maintenance if you mod the wii that you don't have to go back to the guy and probably end up paying more money for him to update.
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    you both know this is in the intro section dont ya ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by peire View Post
    you both know this is in the intro section dont ya ?
    I'm sorry for asking the questions here, I wasn;'t sure if that was cool. Anyway, thanks for he recommendations and the forum, I think I will do it myself. Time to read up.


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