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Thread: Modding 43.U past the 25 Wads under Wad installer

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    Ca Modding 43.U past the 25 Wads under Wad installer

    I have firmware 4.3U on this wii.

    I have it modded up to Multi-Mod Manager Starts (via cboot2) and the 25 mods installed successfully. (I did have to reload the ios236 as originally only 2/25 Wads installed) I pressed 'any key' ended back at menu. Highlighted System Menu 4.1 and the wii froze. I couldnt get any buttons to work. I reset wii, now I cant get any further then selecting bootmii to run from Homebrew Menu that turns into a black screen.

    Im looking for suggestions. Ive rebooted wii 4x now...cant get any further.

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    Ok I wanted to give everyone an update in case someone else comes across this issue.

    I reinserted the SD card with the orginal Chapter 1 files, accessed the homebrew chanel menu and loaded bootmii, then I changed the SD card to Chapter 2 files and was able to access System Menu 4.1. I carried on and installed the 3 wads...and have had no trouble since then. I am now on Chapter 3.

    Good luck


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