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Thread: bricked wii

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    bricked wii

    hello all! i have managed to screw my wii!
    i am really close on just laying on the floor and start crying.

    i tried to use the modmii to update my softmodded wii
    but stupd as i am. i downloaded a theme for my wii in wad format and stupid me assumed this will be installed with wad manager i thought.

    so i did. then i couldnt launch system menu anymore. says auto boot .dol wasnt found or something. (in priiloader)
    then me trying to fix this will only result in f****ng it up even more.
    i used modmii to download a set of files to "remod" my wii. then tadaaa it couldnt boot homebrew either (formatted my sd card) says title not installed when tryin to boot it.
    all i can do is use priiloader. (i dont think i have bootmii properly installed, not sure thou it may be) or a nand backup.

    please is there anyway to fix this?

    4.2e wii
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    Just follow my softmod guide, load the hackmii installer from priiloaders load/install for chapter 1.
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