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Thread: Neogamma apploader loop

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    Neogamma apploader loop


    I've got a softmodded wii, running with IOS249, and I'm getting the following error:

    "DVD Err(1731), Apploader loop"

    I'm using Neogamma R9 beta 30. I was running this exact same disk yesterday, so I'm quite sure its not an issue with my neogamma edition nor my IOS. If someone has had this same error in the past but has since worked it out, I would love some pointers, as I'm going a bit crazy with this one. Also, I do not have an internet adaptor for my wii, so I can't upgrade anything like the IOS if it's required.

    Let me know if you need anymore information, but other than that, please help me out if you can.


    *UPDATE* I have gotten the game to work, but out of sheer frustration and continuiously just clicking run dvd over and over. I would still like some help resolving this issue for the long term. Also, as I see this being suggested on other forums, I am loading neogamma straight through the HBC and not as a channel of its own.
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    Post a system check.

    You dont have to have the wii connected to the net to update IOS and cIOS.. If you have an SD card your fine.

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