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Thread: Blindly Formatted Wii system memory

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    Talking Blindly Formatted Wii system memory *Crisis averted!*

    Since i no longer need my soft mod on my wii, and i get nothing but legal games now a days, i thought "why not just remove my soft mod?" and, i then tried to blindly remove it. after forgetting about EVERYTHING that i had to go through to mod it. i deleted the homebrew channel, and my backup loader, along with wiping my SD card and then... my mistake of the month!

    I formatted my wii.

    So i'm stuck here with a looking-like-its-bricked wii, on the preloader menu. i cant get to the system menu, homebrew channel or anything.

    from the screen that i'm on, i can see this text:
    IOS v60
    Systemmenu V449
    Preloader v0.29

    Any ideas on how to re-install the softmod and unbrick my wii? thanks in advance.

    *Update* i managed to get to the Wii system menu, and have decided that i'm better off with a modded wii instead of trying to go through that hell again. i have followed the "Softmod any wii" guide to the letter, and have recovered everything except for the save-files and such i lost with my format. i'd say i got damn lucky. idk if i should delete the post or leave it up for a heads-up to similar problems, but i have no problem with deleting this if the rules say i have to.
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    Formatting was not a good idea. Deleting the homebrew channel before formatting, even worse idea.
    I'm no brick expert, so I can't offer any solutions, but I'm going to move this to the bricked section
    where you'll have more chance of receiving help from an expert.

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    Thank you, i wasnt sure where to put this, but now for a bit of an update on my progress.

    so far i have recovered a bit. i managed to get to the system menu and am currently running through the guide to softmod my wii, and am just going to run with a softmodded wii. so this brick has been averted, luckily. at the moment, i am making a NAND backup.
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    That's good news!

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    my wii works better now. i guess the guide that i followed last wasnt as in-depth as the one on this site, because i wasnt able to do half the things that i can with my newly re-modded wii. thankfully i found this site! if this needs to be deleted, then so be it. i'm happy.

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    I have the exact same situation, but im stuck at the priiloader and bootmii, unable to run the HBC.
    Do u mind telling me how u managed to fix ur problem? i am in desperate need of a fix THX!


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