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Thread: Wii refusing to load legit gamecube discs @.@

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    Question Wii refusing to load legit gamecube discs @.@

    So today I got the random urge to play Sonic Adventure 2, pop the disc into my wii, and...

    Whats up with that? D: it's doing it for all my gamecube games (legit discs)
    Edit: If it could possibly be related (I don't see how but you never know) I just got a wii motionplus for a skyward sword backup and had to do that whole watching the instruction video thingy.
    Edit 2: Thought I should mention, legit wii game discs work fine, just the gamecube ones giving me the problem. Ive run gamecube games on the wii before with no issues. @.@

    Also on a semi-related note, any way to load gamecube games from a usb drive? I've got all my wii backups on one but I'd like to not have to fiddle with gamecube discs at all, if possible~
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