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Thread: Uninstall IOS

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    Uninstall IOS

    i have wiimc installed and it is acting funny, on another thread someone suggested uninstalling IOS58 and reinstalling it again. i would like to try this but i have seen in a few places "NEVER UNINSTALL A IOS" how might i go about safely uninstalling IOS58 so i can run the IOS58 installer again?

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    MMM would do this. We have a guide for it, Multi Mod Manager.

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    thank you for your reply cj, i do have the mmm, i just wasn't sure if the ios58 was ok to remove. in the original guide that i followed on "how not to brick your wii" it was written in about 20 places "NEVER UNINSTALL IOS" especially ones less than 200. but i guess this one is safe to remove. thanks for your help.


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