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Thread: Wii Flow stopped working

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    Wii Flow stopped working

    My 3 year old son wanted Lego Star Wars III, we bought it, I ripped it and he played. I forgot to take out the disk. Later, he started it from disk and before I could stop him, he installed the "update" from disk. Now wiiflow no longer works.

    To be honest I don't really remember how I hacked the wii the first time. I *can* restore a backup nand and I expect that would fix things, but the backup is at least a year old and saved games aren't much more current.

    Homebrew is still installed and launches, but USB drive use is interfered with. If I intercept the boot (sd card in slot) I can boot wii flow and it can launch games -- but if I boot normally and launch wii flow from the forwarder channel I always get the "connect USB drive" screen.

    I've tried reinstalling some of the ios slots, but basically they either fail or make no difference. Is there a way to recover use of the USB drive without restoring the nand?

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    Just follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide. It will install all the cIOS you need as well as priiloader, which will prevent that unfortunate incident that caused your problem from happening again.


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