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Thread: I think i think i discovered a way to downgrade boot2 :D (bootmii)

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    I think i think i discovered a way to downgrade boot2 :D (bootmii)

    If we can get a NAND Backup form a Wii with boot2 bootmii enabled and then we change the nand keys to fit on our own wii.. and then later use this nand in the wii it will downgrade the boot2 version..

    This could work?

    Anyone tried?

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    You do realize boot2 version has nothing to do with wether or not bootmii can install in boot2 or not...

    boot1 is what's used to install bootmii into boot2, boot1 cannot be downgraded by software means as it is read-only (set in stone once it leaves the factory). Only Wii's with older versions of boot1 can install bootmii into boot2. If I have an old boot1 Wii, no matter what version the boot2 is on, I can install bootmii, and if I have a new boot1 Wii, no matter what version of boot2, it cannot be done.


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