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    Skyward Sword

    Hi guys, sorry for bothering, and i know this may already been asked like a gazilion of times before, but i just wanted to confirm somethings in regards to this game.

    first of all,my wii is soft mod.

    1.will Skyward Sword comes with a system update?
    2.Does Neo Gamma software comes with a priloader (auto update blocker)
    3.I am not sure on what version my neo-gamma is, but i can play Donkey Kong Country Return
    4.I am also not sure is my wii 4.3 firmware or not..

    i hope you guys can help me on this...

    sorry again.

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    As long as you have block updates via disc and online in your priloader settings you shouldn't have to worry about an update. I haven't used neogamma in ages but I recall the last time that I used mine it showed me on the screen what version it was. As far as what firmware your on check your system menu under wii setting it will be on the top right of the screen.


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