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Thread: Who finds out how to hack the wii?

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    Who finds out how to hack the wii?

    I was curious how people go about finding how to hack the wii? We have nice guides and installers to do it now, but how was it first done? What was used to find out how to hack it? Just curious who spends the time to figure out how to do it and lays the groundwork for us. Would also be interested in how People found out how to jailbreak the iphone.


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    Team Twiizers were the first to release an exploit for the Wii...dont ask me how they did it tho. It was the twilight hack.

    For the iphone, the first to jailbreak it was geohot...

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    Thanx for the reply. I'm just curious about how you know to look through the code, what to look for etc... Seems like you'd really have to know what you were doing. Which makes it tough for the first person who did it. Thanks to Team Twiizers though.

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    There's all sorts of stuff. Sometimes they are found by accident, sometimes they get together with a bunch of red bull and try and find something, sometimes they are just savvy enough to notice a potential exploit and act on it. The goal with all of it is to find a way to execute code that was not designed to be executed on the device. Most consoles do not allow code that isn't 'signed' by the developer to be executed, meaning nothing but game discs and software downloaded from their official sites. In the case of the twilght hack, they did so by making a save game exploit a security flaw in the games code so it would launch from within the game, tricking the wii into running unsigned code.


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