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Thread: Original Super Mario Br.

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    Original Super Mario Br.

    First of all I want to thanks anybody that takes the time to try to help me, second, I'm a complete ignorant when it comes to terms, and the how to and workings and wording of the console and differet ways to make it work.
    My console have a Wii Chip, and i was told that i have to include the version or something like that, hope i'm doing it right the number is 4.2U, my problem is that most of the copies of games i been given don't work, and my Original Mario Game started showing a error, it read something like "turn off and read the manual" everytime we playe it, as i'm from Guatemala and live here, there are very few people that can help me so I honestly hope some one can do it here, i'm sure some one else must have asked about this before and i try looking and reading I have find a lot of informatin but i'm not sure wich is the right one for me, I have never conected to the net, but i'lm able to do it now, not sure about updats to mak or anything symilar so once again thank you for your time and my apologies once more.

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    On your harddrive (file name: Bliepo.crazy)
    Did the error message say something like error #002, by any chance and was the screen blue?
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    Thanks you for bothering to answer, the screen remain in black and the message read this
    "An error has ocurred Press the eject botton, remove the game disk and turn on the power on the console, please read the wii operatin manual for further instruccions"
    The manual instruccion is to clean the disc disconect the power suply etc, and that the console may be damagd in case this dont work, but the curios thing it only do it with this game, culd you please tell me also if is a good idea to soft moded? or why a lot of the games i copy on't work?
    Happy Thanksgiving. thanks for your time and kindness

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    Can anybody please help me?

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    a couple questions

    1. When did you softmod?
    2. What guide did you follow?

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    emuhack, I have never softmoded my console, it was giving to me about two years a go by a friend that said that he put a wii chip on it, i really did not use it much then because my kid was only six but now he want to play more and most of the copies that i got don't work and the mario brothers game i bought original because i try a few copies first and they did not work and was told that this particular game and a few others can't be copied, like a said at the begining i don't know anything about this and that is why i'm asking, thanks for answering and hope you can help me.

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    It would be very helpful to know what chip you have in there. Especially if you don't want to softmod (which would be an easy solution.)

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    Junkmail, as far as i know the name of the chip is Wiichip and if is posible i would like to softmoded, i read that it works if is both, soft and hard moded.
    Thanks for your time.

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    Then just follow the softmod any wii guide in my signature and you'll be up and running after that.

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    Jnkmail, I did some rading on your guide and guess will have to do a lot more before i'm ready to do it, thank you very much for your help and time, i will get back to you as soon as i finish and once again thanks.


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