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Thread: Have an old softmodded wii, how should I update it?

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    Have an old softmodded wii, how should I update it?

    Hi everyone,

    A friend just gifted me an old softmodded wii. Says its about a couple of years old, and worked great with the USB Loader GX.

    Unfortunately, I didn't get any games, so I can't make sure if the console still works. I've tried booting up and everything seems to run fine. Has homebrew channel and the likes installed.

    So my question is: how should I go about updating the softmod? I searched around a little and saw members suggesting applying updates over the previous settings. But I'm not 100% sure. What would be the right way to do this?

    PS: I also have the SD card with the wads etc., if that helps.


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    Should I just go ahead with the guide even though the console has been softmodded previously? No issues?

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    Yes it will overwrite the old mod


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