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Thread: Usb Loader GX hdd problem

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    Usb Loader GX hdd problem

    Hi there,
    Ios249 (Rev 65535)
    usb loader gx latest version, ntfs formatted hardrive 500gb WD hdd, which is in a compatibility list as working
    hardrive reads in usb loader cause i can see in the settings it knows the format and size

    Got a iso on the hdd
    but it never reads that theres a game there.

    wondering if anyones experienced a problem like this before?

    I've read that you can format the hardrive to wbfs using this manager software i've got ?
    but to be honest, my harddrive seems to not be able to support fat32 or wbfs for some reason

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    use WBFS Manager to format and transfer games over

    WBFS Manager


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