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Thread: Letterbomb Freeze

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    Unhappy Letterbomb Freeze

    Let me bring you up to speed.

    About 8 months ago, I decided to hack my Wii in order to load my disks onto a hard drive for more convenient play. I successfully modded my Wii enabling it to play backups from both disk and USB.
    Recently i purchased TLOZ:Skyward Sword, and so i updated my Wii from 4.1 to 4.3 in order to play it (whether there was a way round the update or not is irrelevant)
    In order to hack my Wii again, i used Letterbomb. All was successful and i am now playing my games the way i used to.

    The next day, my younger brother asked me (very kindly) to hack his black 4.3E Wii. And so with a cocky Know-it-all attitude, i began hacking his Wii. Letterbomb installed everything fine, and all the various Wads and apps involved in hacking it were successfully installed. All was well until i tried to launch a game via Usb Loader GX, when a disappointing message appeared on the screen that read ERROR #001 then something about restarting the Wii. I wasn't sure where i had gone wrong, and so i decided it would be best to just format the Wii, and start again following the guide as specifically as possible. So i formatted the Wii and used Letterbomb to Hack it again. The problem is when I click on Letterbomb this time, the Wii Freezes! It never did this before and I am worried I have permanently killed any chance of hacking this Wii.

    I read in a separate forum about a similar problem, and it was suggested that the reset button should be held to see if priloader loads. I tried that and it loaded, but I am unsure of what to do next, if the ability to load priloader is of any use at all that is.

    Thanks in Advance

    Additional Info:Black 4.3E UK

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    Letterbomb is 4.3 only. If you followed the guide, you are now at 4.1. Try bannerbomb instead.

    And formatting (almost) never solves anything. Take a look @ the newbies guide in my sig lotta info in there.


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    Wow! Thanks a lot, who knew the internet had answers!

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