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Thread: Friend updated Wii and now homebrew doesn't work! 4.2E to 4.3E

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    Friend updated Wii and now homebrew doesn't work! 4.2E to 4.3E

    Hey guys,

    I had my Wii softmodded properly with all the proper cIOS installed and everything and had it setup to load games from a USB harddrive. Now I can't because my flatmate updated my Wii when he put in the Super Mario Galaxy 2 disc. It's been a while since I've done any softmodding for my Wii so I've forgotten it all and can't figure out where to start getting it back to normal. I'm now on 4.3E, and want to be able to load my games from USB using the USB Loader how do I sort this out? Do i just start over again and follow a 4.3 guide and it should all be back to normal?

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    Follow the soft mod anywii guide link in my Sig and make sure you block the updates in priiloader so this didn't happin again

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