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Thread: Can a Wii Game Content Be Edited?? How?

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    Question Can a Wii Game Content Be Edited?? How?

    Greeetings Everyone,

    I have a Wii, oreginal game disc, and a pc. So, is there any method that I can "edit" a game content. Take Zelda TP as an example.
    What I am asking about that is there any way that i can edit the names of the carecters , say naming Zelda to Peach, changing the names of doungons, changing the conversations, changing the names of tools, and so on? I know that "editing" is consederd as "Modding" , and I have read few threads about modding wii games, but all needed the HomeBrew and otherthings , plus it was all about texture-color modding. And all the "modders" stated that it was applied over iso downloaded from the net, or dumped from a disc.

    What I Accully want is dump the game from an oregnal wii game disc into the pc. Editing it using program or whatever.Burning it again. And finally, playing it on the wii system again with the editings.
    So, is that possable?
    What is needed?

    Thank you

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    Sorry, but can anyone help?

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    Have you looked at riivolution? I know you can use it for custom tracks and such in Mario kart. If you figure out how to use it you won't have to modify the disc. It just tricks the wii and causes it to load the changed files off of the sd card.

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