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Thread: question on updating cios files

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    question on updating cios files

    hey all,

    I have soft-modded my wii back in June. I want to run LoZ SS from my HDD, and have CFG loader. I thought I had everything but it looks like I need to update my 259cIOS file to the newest version. So how do i go about doing this?

    my sd root looks like this:

    apps>MMM, cIOS 249 56 -d2x-v6.rar

    is this right or do I need to drop cIOS 249 into the MMM folder?

    I dont want to brick my wii so any help would be appreciated!

    or is there another way to update to the newest version of the cIOS that I am unaware of?


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    you need to unrar the file and create a folder on the root of the sd called wad and stick the cios 249 56 d2x v6 in there and use mmm to install it
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    ahhh thank you, I knew I was missing a part.


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