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Thread: MW3 update question and SSBB Question.

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    MW3 update question and SSBB Question.

    First off long time reader but never posted cause I never really had any issues.

    First, MW3. Yes I own the original and backed it up. My Wii is 4.3u soft mod and it wants me to update the game to play online. If I do so will this effect my soft mod in anyway? I'm afraid to update it without truly understanding.

    Second, how the hell do you get Super Smash Bro's to work as a backup from USB? I use usb loader gx or however you call it. I have tried numerous ios to load it with and I still get the insert disc message.

    Thank you all in advance and sorry if these are posted I just couldn't quiet find the questions myself.

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    Have a look at the Guide for Call OF Duty MW3 in my signature. I think that question has been asked a million times there...

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    Thanks I checked a few days ago but couldn't find anything I guess more looking a few days later would have helped. Any ideas on the SSBB and what I can do? I've attempted a few guides but still get asked to insert disc.


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