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Thread: Yep, another Skyward Sword question.

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    Yep, another Skyward Sword question.

    So, I have a softmodded wii (4.2u), and I just bought the zelda game. Thing is, after searching the net, I came across two answers.

    One said that if I needed to play it, all I would need to have is the priiloader, which seems simple enough to install.

    The second ( requires me to update neogamma and do some other suff. Only problem is, all of this updating stuff is over my head, and I wouldn't know how to update it (I had a cousin mod my wii for me).

    Can I get away with just installing priiloader, or do I NEED Neogamma R9 Beta50 and cIOS 249 [56] d2x v6?

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    Priiloader is great for blocking updates, and is also good for brick protection. Neogamma is a great app that loads discs and blocks updates as well. Yes. Follow that guide and you'll be playing the game in under 10 mins. Please keep any further questions in the guide for that game to prevent forum clutter.


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