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    Ca WBFS Manager Help...

    I don't know if you guys have answered this question 48329403 times, but I can't seem to find any help that's good for me on the site... Also, no, I am not pirating.

    Anyways, here's the problem I'm having. I try adding a .iso to my usb device with this program, everything is formatted correctly and all. I click "add to drive", it says it's adding. When it's done, there is a green check mark on the right pane and it looks good. But then I look on the left pane. There is nothing on the left pane, but it said it was good! I opened the partition manager for Windows 7, it said my USB device was healthy! What is wrong, why won't it add the games to my USB? I try booting up USB loader, and it says 0.00 gb is free of 4.00 gb, yet it says 0 games. My friend told me the WBFS manager shrinks the games, so it shouldn't be the problem of size. Does anyone know a way to fix this?
    Here's a snapshot of the problem:

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    Gr8name pal. I guess you have read all the tutorials. Are you using a WBFS formatted Drive. I know the Tuts still speak of WBFS format. But the updated CFG GX loaders will read FAT 32. I have Wii game manager & wi backup manager. I see you are using windows 7. I have no problems running either on Windows XP, but I do find windows 7 64bit is a bit hit and miss.. I can still move my files around. One at a time with windows 7. but full functionality is limited. I know this doesn't cure your problem. but maybe there is a different version for win7 64bit. I also notice that the wbfs file is still 3.9gb you may need to split it.


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