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Thread: Freeze while playing burned games.

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    Freeze while playing burned games.

    Well I've been playing a few games almost flawlessly through Cfg, although as for some reason both USB loader GX and Cfg refuse to open .isos from my pen drive/HDD, I've stuck with DVDs. However, a few days back, Mario Kart started freezing within 5min of me booting the game, in the middle of a race. Suspecting a bad dump, I temporarly put Mario Kart aside. However, Goldeneye did the exact same thing. It freezes, emiting a loud, constant-pitch tune until I turn off the Wii. It has also happened right on the beggining of a Monster Hunter Tri boot, although thats 99% sure a bad dump. What should I do?

    Also, where can I buy DVD-R DL? I can only find DVD+R DL on local stores and eBay. :S What the hell?

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    Bump; this issue is getting on my nerves.

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    Why don't you use the correct guide and software to set up your usb pen for loading backups...


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