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Thread: Dilemma that involves restoring my Wii.

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    Dilemma that involves restoring my Wii.

    Basically, I haven't touch my Wii in years now. In fact, I had even forgotten that I softmodded my Wii. Yep, it is still sitting at version 3.2U. I think I remembered installing BootMii so it gave me the idea to just restore my Wii to normal with the backup I remember making. The problem is, I made that backup a couple of years ago and since then, I have no earthly idea where the backup is (I have since moved a couple of times so it is probably lost) and the other backup that I had on my PC was deleted when my hard drive crashed a long time ago.

    I was reading through the "Brink Prevention - Things you should never do" sticky and it states to never update online because it will remove all softmods, BootMii included. Since I have been out of the scene for a long time now, I don't have time to sit here and keep up with the mod scene each week. I would much rather restore my Wii and go from there. From what I have gathered from that sticky topic, updating online runs the risk of bricking my Wii, but wouldn't that be the simplest way to restore my Wii?

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    updating, from what i understand, does not remove everyhting. and why would you want to update online. just follow the guide: and you'd be back in disney land with all the updated mods wads and everything you need

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    I may consider that. The point I was trying to make is that I would rather just have a virgin Wii again if possible, without jumping through a million hoops to get it. I wanted to update online because the sticky said it would remove softmods and possibly BootMii as well (add in a risk of bricking the Wii). Like I said, I really don't have a whole lot of time to keep up with the mod scene and not much time to game anymore.


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