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Thread: Modding for Xeno (And...that's basically all)

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    Modding for Xeno (And...that's basically all)

    Okay, so, after following this guide -

    How to play Xenoblade Chronicles if you live in America | Joystiq

    And failing at the CFG step for about a day now, I give. Everything I've read on the stupid meta.xml file says the same thing as mine, and nothing but a 'stub error' pops up mentioning 249. Which only makes me think that the guide(s) that follow this way are flawed in thinking 249 can be normal.

    Probably going to follow Maui's for no real reason other than being two seconds from drop-kicking my Wii out the window.

    But, would there be ANYTHING wrong in that guide? It seemed to follow alright. Do I not have a USB anything plugged in when first trying to load CFG?

    Course, if doing this screws up Zelda SS..who the hell cares.

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    My original plan was to use Joystiq's site to play Xeno, but Mauifrog's guide seemed much easier to understand so I went that route instead. It took me a little longer, but it was definitely worth it. Xenoblade is now my top game of the year and that is saying something seeing as how they were some pretty awesome games this year.


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