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Thread: Skyward Sword (I've read the guide, need more help)

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    Skyward Sword (I've read the guide, need more help)

    Okay, so I am borrowing a Wii from a friend (mine is no longer working) to play Skyward Sword. However, his Wii is softmodded. When I tried to play the game, it asked for an update, which I assume I cannot do. I came here looking for a way around this, but I am honestly extremely confused. I have no idea what's already downloaded onto this Wii or what "Load Neogamma from HBC" even means. I downloaded it onto a flash drive, but can't find it on the Wii and have no idea where to go from there.
    So two questions,
    1. What will happen if I do update the Wii? Will it just become unmodded, or will it be totally locked and unusable? Will there be no harm?
    2. If I can't update it, would anyone mind giving me a really dumbed down version of how to make Skyward Sword playable?

    Sorry for being such a dunce, any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Priilaoder is needed to block online and disc updates.. It looks like he hasn't got it installed... There is a priiloader guide on here which will install it. All very simple.. You would be doing him a favour if you did install it..

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    Okay so I downloaded the Priiloader because I found it wasn't in the Homebrew channel. I went and selected it, it gave me some type of an error that I can post here if relevant. I saw on the Priiloader tutorial that there are System Menu hacks you can bring up when holding down the restart button and powering on the Wii. However, it didn't come up for me. I am reading through the Priiloader topic and trying to understand but it's difficult for me, I'm sorry for all of my questions.


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